Proper timing of meals is essential to promote muscle growth.  What you eat is not as important as WHEN you
eat.   Breaking your day up into 6 small meals (a snack every 3-4 hours) is best for your metabolism.  Consumption of an additional 300-500 calories
into your daily routine will promote lean weight and muscle gains .  A snack that contains adequate carbohydrate
and protein is ideal.  Carbohydrate’s will spare proteins from being used for energy . This action results in protein
to be used for muscle building .

Set realistic weight goals. Work with a personal trainer or Sports Trainer to
create a time line appropriate for you.

Great supplemental snack ideas:

Trail mix

Yogurt and cereal

Cheese and crackers

Nut spreads on bread
or crackers

Meal replacement drinks, that contain a higher carbohydrate
to protein ratio

Chocolate or Strawberry Milk ( 1 % or Fat Free)