Want to get more energy out of your own body’s muscles.  Creatine is a great inexpensive way to get that done.  For those of you who have profound ignorance to the creatine supplement and have gone ad nauseam telling others about how creatine causes cramps, bloating and kidney failure, you may wish to reveiw over 500, YES 500 clinical studies that tell a tale that does not correlate with what you may have heard.  Most clinical studies paint a positive picture of the supplement creatine monohydrate that your body already naturally produces via glycine, arginie and methionine.

Creatine can actually benefit 80-90% of those that use it.  It aids in creating muscle energy in the body. This allows  you do do more work , whether it be more reps in your weight training or ergogenic benefits of longer endurance in your aerobic or aneorbic activities.

Creatine can improve the  following:

-1 Rep Max

-Vertical Jump

-Repetitive sprints

-High Intensity exercise

-Increase maximal exercise capacity

-Multiple set exercises

If you want to take it one step further and get 60% more creatine used in your muscle tissue……eat more good complex carbs.  This will allow the body to synthesize more energy to use up in the ATP process.

To get more output for your athletic endurance stack creatine with Beta Alanine (another natural amino acid).  Beta Alanine is a tremendous natural amino acid supplement on its own but coupled with Creatine are an impressive performance aid that does not add chemicals to the body or abuse the system.

More on that in another article.

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