ALRI Humapro Sour Grape 90 svg

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I was skeptical about "protein for humans" but honestly remained intrigued by the adds, noticing a competitive bodybuilder who switched from a "whey" company to ALRI. I knew about Chain'd Out bcaa's from my friend who uses them. Ironically, I was beginning to have some GI issues that took me a while to attribute it to whey/milk powders. Within 7 days on Humapro the bloating/discomfort was gone. 3-4 weeks I began to notice inches off of my waist & looking fuller, more muscular. In 5 months I lost a good deal of bodyfat but put on muscle. I was struggling with this prior regardless of diet, cardio & weight training.
Date Added: 09/05/2011 by Kevin Mack