Arnicom52 has been a result of 15 years of scientific collaboration by two chemists loo king to amplify the natural powers of 
Arnica Montan (Leopard's Bane). Arnica has been available and used for hundreds of years to aid with the ailments of bruises,
muscle aches, swelling and sprains. Creams and pills with Arnica tincture are widely available now as Arnica has gained world wide
 acceptance as a homeopathic remedy. The all natural scientific compound that was mated with arnica extract has shown remarkable
 easing of myriad muslce and joint pain symptoms. Arnicom52 has taken the natual benefits of Arnica and amplified them to a level
 powerful enough for some of the country's most renown surgeons and physical therapists to take notice. 

This is not your grandmother's Arnica cream. This cream is an all natural super anti-inflammatory cream that has been able

 to return many people to the activities they enjoy. Active individuals that experience soreness or discomfort in many areas of the
 back , knees, shoulders, wrists, etc. can apply the cream and may experience less pain and swelling. With the absence of that swelling, 
normal activity can return. Strenght training is a taxing activity to the body. Applying the cream before and after excersise will allow 
the body to react favorably to your workouts instead of putting you on the sideline for multiple days after a heavy set. If you experience 
a contusion, injury or strike to the body you will see a more significant benefit from the cream if you apply it as close to the time 
of the incident or injury as possible. 
Arnicom is a topical cream yet some feel the effects almost immediately. The cream is intended to ease joint stiffness and aches
 following exercise and to lessen the effects of dry heat on the skin. Cream may be useful in easing soreness, rheumatism, muscle 
or cartilage pain, bruises, arthritis, or other swelling inherent to weight-training or running or other sports which involve 
resistance  or aerobic conditioning. 
A limited number of individuals have used Arnicom52 to ease swelling and discomfort and to promote healing following knee joint 
replacement or ACL-meniscus reconstruction surgeries. 
Arnicom52 may provide relief for other less severe joint disorders e.g., Stage I-III rheumatoid or osteoarthritis. A significant 
decrease in pain and stiffness (as well as an improvement in function may be observed; however, Arnicom52 can not repair damage
 inherent to bone-on-bone grinding). 
Arnicom52 may alleviate discomfort inherent to carpal tunnel syndrome 
Studies show that applied topically, arnica helps the healing process of bruises1, sprains and muscle aches2. 
Homeopathic arnica is well-known to aid the healing process of 
  • bruises

  • muscular aches

  • sprains

  • swellings after contusions

1 Leivers, The Pharmaceutical Journal, Vol 275, No. 7365, 3 September 2005
2 European Scientific Co-operative on Phytotherapy (ESCOP) monographs 1997