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Advanced Formula Faster Results
  • Sugar Free & Gluten Free
  • Radically Increases Energy & Recovery
  • Superior Muscle Swelling Formula
What is Karbolyn®?

Karbolyn® is a homopolysaccharide. (relatively complex carbohydrate). Karbolyn® is made up of many monosaccharides joined together by glycosidic bonds. These are very large bonds that are branched macromolecules. The "Molecular Mass" has been preciesly manipulated to create absorption through the stomach at a rate much greater than maltodextrin, dextrose, breads, past, rice, or any other carb product on the market.

Karbolyn® is a patent pending carbohydrate that contains very unique properties. Because Karbolyn® passes through the stomach very quickly, it acts like a pump, pulling water and nutrients along with it. This high tech carbohydrate actually moves through the stomach 80% faster than dextrose or sugar. Karbolyn® also has a Higher Solutions Osmolality than Dextrose, Sucralose or other carb powder mixes on the market. THis is due to the unique properties found in the patent pending process. Karbolyn® is completely sugar free.

Karbolyn® is produced using a newly developed "Enzymatic Milling Process". The food source to produce the Karbolyn® is potato, rice and corn. The finished product is a modified molecular mass polysaccharide that is absorbed very quickly without any side effects, stomach bloating or discomfort; plus it mixes instantly.

What is Karbolyn® used for?

Pure Karbolyn® was invented for the sole purpose of carbohydrate loading. It was designed for Elite Athletes looking for a fast, safe and high performance way to easily load the muscle with accessible muscle energy (glycogen). Karbolyn® has been instantized, so it mixes instantly!

The SECRET is all in the Processing!

Be careful. If your product looks like a "powdery", cheap, unprocessed corn starch (that you can buy at the grocery store) it probably is! Native, unprocessed starch is NOT going to give you the rapid absorbing, glycogen loading results you are looking for. Here is why: Whey protein, for example, is only 12% protein in content and full of fat and lactose before it is processed. The highest quality of Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Isolate available has gone through a ton of processing to remove fat, lactose and other whey components to yield a very nice amino acid profile. As you may already know, the extensive (and expensive) processing of whey protein is the reason why Hydrolyzed Whey Protein is the fastest absorbing protein and perfect for building muscle. The very unique, compounded, patent pending processing of Pure Karbolyn® is the reason why it is rapidly absorbed, non-bloating and ideal for muscle glycogen loading. Don't waste your time and money on unprocessed starches! Consuming unprocessed starch is like taking cheap non-effective protein that does nothing for building muscle. Cheap is not what you want when it comes to your body, health, and workouts.

Plain and simple, the BEST thing you can do before, during, and after your workouts is drink high quality Pure Karbolyn®. Pure Karbolyn® is designed to get the carbs and nutrients through the stomach and IN the muscle, where they belong!

Pure Karbolyn® Overall Benefits:
  • Rapid Absorption
  • Non-bloating
  • Sugar free
  • Transports nutrients quickly into the bloodstream

Pure Karbolyn® is an IDEAL pre-contest carb loader! Pure Karbolyn® is ideal for super muscle glycogen loading! The unique formula in Pure Karbolyn® helps bodybuilders achieve that skin tight, granite hard appearance on stage. Pure Karbolyn® pulls water out of the skin and into the muscle yielding a large more ripped muscular physique!

We formulated Pure Karbolyn® with the athlete in mind. Pure Karbolyn® was made with integrity, quality, and delivers results!

Don't cut your gains short by feeding your body with inferior carbohydrates and transportation systems!

When is the best time to take Pure Karbolyn®?

On training days you should always consume one serving of Pure Karbolyn® with 10 oz of water immediately after your workout. Pure Karbolyn® is designed to transport nutrients and carbohydrates rapidly into the muscle tissue. Combine 1 scoop of Pure Karbolyn® with your pre & during workout nutrients to drastically increase their absorption rate. Amino acids, nitric oxide, glutamine, BCAA's & other cell volumizers that are mixed with Pure Karbolyn® will be "super-shuttled" through the stomach and delivered into hungry muscle cells.

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Natural & Artificial Flavors, Sodium Chloride, Sucralose.

As a dietary supplement, mix 1 scoop in a shaker cup with 10 ounces of water and drink 60 minutes before exercise.

Contains peanuts

*These Statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

If you are diabetic consult your doctor before using this product. This product is to be used under the direct supervision of a healthcare professional. Do not engage in any diet supply less than 800 calories per day without medical supervision. Tamper resistant. Do not use if safety seal overcap is broken or missing.